November 19, 2014

Round Bulgaria April 2011 Part 1

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change direction air sky clouds

I had to start early in the morning from Idilevo, because I gave my word I would be in Stara Zagora at 10:00 AM. I had a perfect morning under the beautiful blue sky. I packed my baggage, start the car, put music in the CD player and told myself “bon voyage”. I took Shipka pass as shortest way to my first destination. Shipka pass is one of busiest path in Stara Planina mountain but in the early morning was joy for driving. After hour and half I reached Stara Zagora waiting for other adventurers to come down. For this day we planned to visit Zheravna, a village famous with its wooden houses form 18th and 19th century. From Stara Zagora to Zheravna we took the road to Sliven and from Sliven we decided to continue to village Ichera. To road lead us through Sinite Kamuni national park. After Zheravna we had a little offroad section, then back on the highway and for the second time I had to pass Stara Planina. This time we took Varbitsa pass. We had to find a best place for camping. We were close to Ticha lake and decided to made our camp there. There was a nice dirty road which lead us directly to the coast. After setting our tents, have a humble dinner, and some beer we were ready to sleep. In fact in April on these geographical lines it is not so cold in the night. Actually its freezing. About 4 in the morning I have put every cloth that I had on top of me. Also I put a little gas lamp to make more heat in the tent. At 5 am I was out of the tent jumping around. The good in the situation was I met the sun and it was beautiful. We had a coffee in morning, packing etc. To be continued …

January 5, 2014

Three years later…

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change direction air sky clouds

After three years of silence I am going to break it. I will  spend a couple of hours to express what happened for the past  3 years. Before that I need to explain that from now on all my posts will be in English, or I’ll do my best to sound in English. I wish to improve my writing skills and I would like to meet more people with my adventures, for good or bad.

October 15, 2010

Белоградчик, Леденика и малко офроуд.

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Последния ми уикенд в София за месец Септември с група туристи си спретнахме двудневна разходка до Белоградчишките скали, Вършец и посещение на пещера Леденика във Врачанския балкан.

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